American families are just way to busy and that means managing each member of the household’s time can be a real problem. Professional Organizer Amy Payne shows us two products that can help us manage our time wisely.

Time Timer®

For anyone who wants to measure and manage time more effectively, Time Timer® is an innovative visual timer designed to “show” the passage of time through the use of a patented red disk that disappears as time elapses.

Unlike traditional timers that fail to make the abstract concept of time concrete, the award-winning Time Timer’s visual depiction of “time remaining” provides stress-free time management at work, school and home to make every moment count.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar will help you save time and get more organized than ever before.
You have the ability to have many calendars in one place and share calendars with family members. Google Calendar also has a wide database of available calendars that you can subscribe to on your calendar.  Google has also integrated Gmail and Calendar so that you can create events on your calendar right from an email.
Unlike an application that you install on your computer, Google Calendar runs entirely in “the cloud”, meaning it is stored on a server that you log in to.  This means you can access your calendar from any device that has an internet connection.


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