This month’s Local Lifestyles video talks about photo organization and the potential damage that old albums can cause to your precious prints. Winter is a great time to organize photos!

Digitize as much as possible

To prevent damage to your photo prints, you should digitize your photos as much as possible. Many people view pictures on their phones, tablets or computers these days, so those piles of prints just need a quick scan and they’re preserved!

Print storage options

As for those albums, carefully remove your photos, organize them and store them in acid-free photo boxes. You still can organize them by date, and they’ll be kept safe. There are many options available at craft stores, just look for “acid free” on the label. Legacy Boxes are one of our favorite storage options.

Call the experts

Lasting Order offers photo scanning and organizing services. We’ll even help you arrange them on your favorite device, if you like. Just give us a call at (812) 858-2457 or check out our website!