September is National Preparedness Month and it couldn’t come at a better time. Hurricane season is harsh this year and should be a reminder to all of us to be prepared! We may not experience full hurricanes, but there are plenty of other disasters that could strike on a personal or national level. Make a plan ( – Get a kit ( – Be prepared. We would love to help you prepare for disaster by organizing your important documents and computer files, decluttering your space, taking a home inventory and organizing/scanning your photos. Don’t be caught unprepared!


Backup is as simple as plugging the Picture Keeper into a USB port or phone charging port and clicking the Start Backup prompt. The computer backup goes to work automatically, seeking out and storing your family photos. No need to install software, select folders or drag-and-drop files – the Picture Keeper does all the work for you.

Sentry Safe

Protects tablets, phones, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and other electronic storage devices. It also keeps important files like medical records, business records, financial paperwork and more organized and protected from fire and flood with this durable safe.


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