If you’re interested in working with a professional organizer, but you’re not quite sure how it works… you are in the right place! Click any of the questions below to expand and view the answer.

I've never hired a professional organizer before - how do we begin?
The first step is a FREE phone consultation. We will talk about what your needs & wants are and set an appointment for an on-site consultation. The initial phone consultation will take approximately 15-30 minutes.
What happens during the on-site consultation?

We spend a little time getting to know each other, assessing your space and the type of organization you hope to achieve. This step is critical to our success, because we need to have a plan before we jump right in and get started. Sometimes this consultation immediately preceeds the first organizing session and sometimes this is a separate appointment, depending on the client and time constraints. The in-home or in-office consultation will take between 30 and 90 minutes for $50.

Sounds like a lot of time spent consulting instead of organizing…
The consulting is equally important to the actual organizing. Our job is to help you organize your space to best suit your needs, not ours. In order to be efficient and to create lasting order, we need to get to know you and how you use the space. You may not even know what you want the end result to look like until we talk through the issues and the plan.
I’m so embarrassed. My space looks like a disaster zone.
No space is too messy to be organized. That’s what we are here for! Together, we can conquer even the most disastrous situation. Client confidentiality is a top priority at Lasting Order! You never have to worry about your friends, neighbors or business associates finding out your business.
Shouldn’t I be able to organize myself?
Although many people feel they SHOULD be able to do it by themselves, organizing is not a natural skill for most people. Professional organizers are trained and educated in the latest organization techniques. If you like to DIY (Do It Yourself), you will discover that organizing is more effective and efficient when you bring in a professional who has an outside perspective and a lot of work experience. You could learn to replace your roof or repair your own car also, but hiring a professional will save you time and frustration. A professional organizer can be the outside perspective needed when running your own business or dealing with competitors or when tension between spouses or family members runs high.
Is this going to cost me a small fortune?
No. Pricing is dependent on the project, the number of hours it will take to complete it and how much “homework” you want to do between sessions. In fact, becoming more organized will save you both time & money. You will learn how to maximize the stuff you already own and avoid waste and duplication. During the phone consultation, we will discuss pricing specifics.
How long does an organizing session last?
We prefer to schedule sessions in 3 hour blocks of time. Three hours will allow us enough time to feel a sense of accomplishment, but not get overly tired or distracted. However, we will accommodate your needs and preferences in order to help you achieve the result you are seeking.
Do you travel outside of the Evansville/Newburgh area?
Absolutely! We do charge a travel fee for destinations beyond a 30 minute drive from our Newburgh, Indiana office. Travel fees vary depending on the distance and current price of gas. We would be happy to quote a travel fee during the phone consultation. Travel fees are assessed for each round-trip visit, regardless of how long the appointment lasts.
Sounds great! What do I do now?
Call the office at 812-858-2457 or e-mail us at: info@lastingorder.net to set up a phone consultation.

Call us at 812-858-2457 for a FREE phone consultation!