I just wanted to let you know – David was here this morning, and he did a FANTASTIC JOB! I could not be more pleased.  He’s such a nice man, and had great ideas and suggestions.  I hope to be able to have him back someday to do our garage.  Thanks again – I couldn’t be happier – what a relief Kathleen McEllhiney

Amy was very helpful in getting our small overstuffed office organized. We used the things she taught us to organize the rest of the bakery. Cate Sisco

Piece of Cake Bakery

I referred Amy’s team to a client who was required to quickly get her home ready to be listed and shown for sale. My client was very satisfied! JoAnn Krantz


You have no idea how much you have revolutionized my life! Mrs. M.

Stay-at-home mom

Thanks again for all of your help dear one. I felt so much better about leaving my home in much better order, you’re the best!!! Jane G.

It was Life Changing. Karen Carter

Amy had great ideas, listened to what I had to say and tried to match my work style with the best way to organize my space. Amy was professional and personable, just the right mix. Got to work quickly and kept a consistent pace, in other words, I feel like I got my money’s worth. Lea Deisher

Amy had met with me to help me identify a few tools that I could use for improving my workplace organization. She was professional and clearly knew her craft. Kathleen Lapekas

Lapekas HR Consulting

First, thank you very much for preparing and presenting this invaluable workshop this morning! I learned quite a bit of the magnitude and usefulness of Evernote…Also thanks very much for sharing the file for the workshop. I was able to complete several things that I was unable to do during the presentation – easily!…Again thank you for working with each of us as we tried to figure out our different devises and learn about all of the great features of this exceptional program. John G. West

Organizing is way more beneficial than I dreamt! Anonymous Client

Efficient, wonderful, actually kind of fun! Tailored to our needs. Jane Crowley

We have been working on our entire house over the last three years. We have made great progress, and their team has helped me create new habits and routines that enable me to stay more organized. Anonymous

Thank you so very much for taking the time to come speak to our group yesterday. I got great feedback about your presentation–everyone really enjoyed hearing you speak! Hope you have a wonderful day! Angie


Amy, just wanted to let you know that people are STILL telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation to the Case Management Network! They appreciated not only the information but also your presentation style…I know they will definitely remember you if they or their clients ever need your services! Anonymous

I was getting my house ready to Sell and I was overwhelmed with the task of organizing and decluttering it to be shown. So I called Lasting Order and the two women that came to my rescue did an amazing job. It took them only 4 hours to get 4 closets (2 of which are large walk ins) and my entire kitchen and cabinets organized. They boxed up what I wouldn’t be needing before the move and put everything else in perfect order. When they had done everything I had planned for them to do they said they had 30 minutes left if there was anything else. The only thing I could think of was my husband’s workroom but it was a complete disaster. I almost had an anxiety attack just walking in there. But they had that whole room whipped into shape with time to spare! I couldn’t believe it. I have 4 young children and the amount of stress I had lifted off my shoulders by Lasting Order is priceless!! Kyle Reel

In only 3 hours, Lasting Order has helped me clear so much junk away from what I should be focusing on! I’m blown away. It HURT to schedule a 3-hour time during the busiest few weeks of the entire year, but I couldn’t afford NOT to. I was drowning. Thank you! Anonymous Business Owner

Amy was down to earth and supportive, helping us find practical solutions to our problems. She’s patient and gave us tools to help us become better organized. David Branstetter

Dim-Light Graphics

Lasting Order helped me make peace with my home! Anonymous

I’ve spent years trying to do it on my own and it just wasn’t working. Time to call in reinforcements. So, I hired a professional organizer to teach me how to get it together. Best $ I’ve spent. She gave me a framework in which to work from. You know the saying “teach a man to fish…”, well, she ‘taught me to fish’. Niki, Evansville, IN

Thanks! I will tell u [my son] was so happy and excited about his room! He slept in his room for the first time in over a year! GT, Newburgh, IN

I get so excited when Amy of Lasting Order comes to my office to share her organizational gifts. She is such a beautiful person and makes my life easier and more productive! Being organized is such a stress reliever…better than therapy! Bonnie Schnautz

B Renewed Wellness Solutions

Great. Professional, Efficient, Cost Effective Tammie Tuley

TriState Hot Biz

Amy was very professional and kept me on track of our goal for each day. I was overwhelmed w/ all that needed to be done, so I would have quit before it was all done. As we progressed & I looked at all that was accomplished and I was encouraged to continue to the end. It is so nice to walk into the room now and not see all that clutter! I appreciated Amy’s efficiency in getting my files set up and helping me to quickly decide what to do with each paper, topic, book, etc. Anonymous

Your assistance in restoring order out complete chaos has truly changed the overall quality of life in my house. It is wonderful to walk in and be enveloped by a sense of comfort and the beauty of uncluttered spaces. Upkeep is a breeze and I am back to entertaining again! Marlaine Chase

After working with Amy for so long, I’ve learned the skills I need to organize my office. But I am more apt to work on maintaining the order when we schedule dedicated time for her to come back and help. It is more fun to work together than when I never get around to doing it on my own. Kevin Heil

Executive Director of Camp Brosend

[My husband] said our bedroom looks like a hotel room! Thanks so much for helping me make my life better! AM, Newburgh, IN

Lasting Order owner Amy Payne just blew my mind. She came over to the chaotic JBP headquarters. I looked my embarrassment right in the eye and said, “Move over, it’s time to get some help.” Amy says: “Disorganization is a problem – not a character flaw.” Yyyyyyessssss. Angee Ferris

JuneBug Productions

Amy Payne was remarkable in helping my 21 year old, Music Performance major, college student organize her music.  My daughter basically threw everything into a large suitcase and it was hit or miss if she could find a required piece of music when needed.

Amy Payne helped her create an organized system for her music and accompaniment CD’s that works for her now and will help her stay organized as she continues her education and eventually pursues her career goal as part of a professional orchestra.  I highly recommend Amy Payne from Lasting Order for all of your organizational projects.
Tammie Tuley

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with a ‘professional organizer’. Discovered I’m not as unorganized as I thought, just a procrastinator. I couldn’t seem to find the time & energy to tackle that pile (papers, garage, art space). Each pile was erased In our normal 2 hour session. A couple things stand out in my mind about that experience:

  • While categorizing the art supplies there was only 1 category you made that did not make sense to me. That shows how much you really understood the way my brain works, I could tell that after our first meeting.
  • While working on the garage, you picked up a box, asked where it goes and moved on to the next one. That box was photos, at that point I would have started looking at pictures and been done for the day

Organizing sounds easy, which makes people hesitant to pay the money. I would ask; If it’s so easy why are your piles still there? I’m here to tell you this was the BEST money I ever spent.

Denise Porter

I have worked with Amy on time management skills and organization of the various activities I need to execute for my business to be successful. I was blown away by her knowledge of tools that I wasn’t aware of even as a fairly organized person. She is exceptionally accepting, supportive, and and yet doesn’t beat around the bush when needed. The biggest downfall for lasting order is that people don’t realize, even as professionals who mostly know what to do, that they need these services. This busy day and age the accountability and support provided by Amy and Lasting order is the kick in the butt you need to increase your productivity at home and work. Tiffany Hutchens

Move Better Orthopedic massage

Amy clearly uses technology to her advantage and it was great to get specific examples of how she implements the various tools. I’m going to be trying a few of the systems she has recommended. She related well to the audience, it was enjoyable to be in the session even though the subject matter is not my favorite!


This gal was dynamite! I was very worried how this would go and I learned SO MUCH! Totally valuable in ever when way to sit in on this one.


Amy is definitely knowledgeable about this area. She provided great info and tons of it. I will definitely be implementing some of her suggestions – especially going more mobile and paperless.


I tabulated the surveys that we got back from those that attended your presentation Monday evening. We got 14 surveys back and everyone said that you were easy to follow and that they would recommend this presentation to others! I thought that was great. In addition, 10 of the 14 marked that they had increased knowledge after the talk. 9 thought they gained “new knowledge,” and 7 felt that they could better cope with the stressor of organizing after hearing your presentation. All very positive!

Laurel, Evansville, IN