clean out computer

National Clean Out Your Computer Day (the second Monday each February) falls on February 13 this year. Whether you’ve stored thousands of photos or piles of work files, keeping things in order on your computer maximizes your productivity and eliminates lost time spent searching for misplaced files.

Below are five tips to help you clean out your computer (and they work on phones and tablets, too):

  1. Run a complete backup. Do this before you do anything else.
  1. Organize your documents in a way that makes sense to you. It’s easy to throw a filename on a document when you’re in a rush, only to forget it later, or stash a file in a wrong folder. Take a few minutes to go through and do a visual double-check of your files.
  1. Delete what you don’t need. This is just as important with emails as with document files and duplicate photos. If you aren’t using it or don’t need to archive it, it’s clutter.
  1. An email side note: Just like you wouldn’t let mail pile up on the table in your kitchen, don’t let email pile up in your inbox. Keep your emails under control by taking one of these steps:
  • Delete junk immediately.
  • Respond to what you can right away.
  • Delegate any messages that need attention from someone else.
  • Create a follow-up folder for any emails you need to think through or that you can’t respond to right away. Then be sure to go back to it!
  1. Check your bookmarks and organize them so you can easily find sites you visit regularly. Delete ones you don’t use.

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Written by Lee Ann Roeder