We would love to come speak to your group! While presentations do not replace the hands-on and customized solutions that our organizing services provide, we will teach your group’s attendees how to get more organized by offering tips, resources and ideas that will motivate them to take action. We customize the presentation to the needs and interests of your group. We also are available for:

  • Employee Trainings
  • Seminars
  • Community Courses
  • Evernote Training

Call us today at 812-858-2457 to schedule a presentation with your group/organization today!

Organizations we have presented to include:
  • Chapel Hill Women’s Group (Henderson, KY)
  • Rotary Club (Evansville, IN)
  • St. John’s Mother to Mother (Newburgh, IN)
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association (Ohio Valley Chapter) – “Take Back Your Life: Organizing Strategies for the Kitchen & Beyond”
  • MOPS at First Baptist Church (Vincennes, IN)
  • Quilt Guild (Olney, IL) – “Practical Organizing for Quilters”
  • MAIA (Mid-American Institute on Aging) Conference at the University of Southern Indiana – “How Much Clutter is Too Much?”
  • Downtown Evansville Kiwanis Club (Evansville, IN)
  • Historic Newburgh Kiwanis Club (Newburgh, IN)
  • Methodist Hospital Foundation Luncheon (Henderson, KY)
  • F.C. Tucker Realtor Class (Evansville, IN) – “Organizing the Agent & Client”
  • Old North MOPS (Evansville, IN)
  • VNA Case Manager’s Meeting (Evansville, IN)
  • Mother to Mother – St. John’s Daylight (Daylight, IN)
  • Blue Grass UMC MOPS (Evansville, IN)
  • Optimist Club – Eastside (Evansville, IN)
  • PEO (Evansville, IN)
  • Warrick Rotary Club (Newburgh, IN)
  • Mother’s Day Brunch – First United Methodist Church (Henderson, KY)
  • Little Ants (Evansville, IN)
  • Warrick County School Corporation Food & Nutrition Department (Newburgh, IN) –
  • Gibson Gerontology Group (Princeton, IN)
  • Ohio Township Public Library Staff Training Day (Newburgh, IN)
  • Women’s Club of Newburgh (Newburgh, IN)
  • Pollux Systems Employee Program (Evansville, IN)
  • Kiwanis (Evansville, IN)
  • Tri-State Mothers of Multiples (Evansville, IN)
  • Vanderburgh Medical Alliance (Newburgh, IN)
  • Posey County Chamber of Commerce Alliance (Mt. Vernon, IN)
  • JuicePlus+ Regional Meeting (Evansville, IN)
  • La Leche League Enrichment Meeting (Evansville, IN) – “Getting Your Home Organized & Ready for the Holidays”
  • Purdue Extension Offices (Knox County, IN & Posey County, IN) – “Organizing at Work”
  • Institute of Management Accounts (Evansville, IN) – “Information Overload: Managing Life at Work for Maximum Productivity”
  • Mccullough Library (Evansville, IN) – “Tidying Up – Magic or Skill?”
  • Browning Funeral Home Passages Meeting (Evansville, IN) – “Too Soon? How to Deal With Stuff Your Loved One Left Behind”
  • Ladies Friendship Club (Evansville, IN) – “Downsizing & Organizing”
  • FCTucker (Evansville, IN) – “Evernote 101”
  • Youth First (Evansville, IN) – “Keeping Order at Work and at Home”
  • Tell City Library (Tell City, IN) – “Your Clutter-Free Home”
  • Vincennes MOPS (Vincennes, IN) – “Home Organization & Decor”
  • Evansville Optimist Club (Evansville, IN) – “Downsizing & Simplifying”
  • First United Methodist Church (Henderson, KY)
Organizing Expert - Monthly TV Show Appearances:

“Amy Payne’s presentation on Clutter vs. Hoarding was both educational and entertaining! Amy included a number of relatable examples that had audience members chuckling as they recognized themselves and their organizational traits in her descriptions. She provided informative facts about the differences between normal clutter, chronic disorganization and hoarding; and also included easily-understood action steps for getting clutter under control. Following her talk, several audience members commented that Amy was very professional and they would not hesitate to recommend her to their clients and families. Amy Payne is an engaging speaker that I will definitely utilize again for other audiences!”

Cindy Erwin, VNA Plus Home Care & Hospice